Chef’s top tables: Roudy Petersen

As head chef at Catch in Abu Dhabi, Roudy Petersen surprises diners by taking simple ingredients and transforming them into gourmet delights. Here, his hot list takes us from Paris to the heart of New York

Bras Le Suquet, Laguole 

Michel Bras is one of the true gurus of French gastronomy and every chef, especially those that train in France, will hear his name crop up again and again. Along with his son Sebastian, he creates food that you eat first with your eyes. Using local herbs and flowers from the rural landscape of Aubrac, the pair truly bring dishes to life. Personally, I have to say that Bras, more than any other chef, inspired me in the art of plating and his example is something that I’ve followed since I first started training to be a chef.

Favourite dish: Scallops ‘rolled’ a la plancha with cooked and raw cauliflower.

Eleven Madison Park, New York

For me, this place is easily the best restaurant in New York and one of the best in the world. Daniel Humm is a great guy and this is reflected in his humble approach to the menu, which focuses on locally sourced ingredients and seasonality. Since paring back the tasting menu, things have got even better. Behind simply plated dishes, Humm plays with flavour and technique to deliver food that constantly surprises. It’s simply unmissable if you’re visiting the city and looking for a high-end culinary experience. 

Favourite dish: Daniel’s riff on eggs benedict is a masterful and beautiful thing.

Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire, Paris

If cooking is art, then Pierre Gagnaire is the Picasso of the culinary world. Everything he does is masterful, but his eponymous restaurant in the French capital is my favourite and fully deserves its three Michelin stars. The 15-course tasting menu is gastronomy at its finest, pushing the boundaries of flavour combinations and techniques. Go with no expectations and enjoy the ride – so beautiful.

Favourite dish: The menu changes regularly but everything is without fault.