Chef’s top tables: David Myers

LA-based David Myers heads restaurants in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai. These are the places he’d eat at above all others…

Gjelina, Los Angeles

Venice is a beautiful beachside community in LA and Gjelina is a quintessential California-style restaurant. I really love it. All their ingredients come from the farmer’s market. They have an amazing salad with kale and ricotta salata that’s just off the charts, and the butterscotch pudding for dessert is great.

Favourite dish: The guanciale pizza with green olive and a touch of Fresno chili.

El Capricho, Jimenez de Jamuz

This restaurant is absolutely stunning – it’s literally built into the hill and is set underneath the ground. There’s no mobile phone service, it’s lit by candles, you’re in your own little alcove, and the entire menu is just beef. It’s all about the ageing they do on the oxen, then they grill it over a wood fire. It’s truly one of the most magical places I’ve ever been, and the food is off the charts.

Favourite dish: The carpaccio and the grilled beef is amazing.

Sushi Shin, Sapporo

I love to eat sushi in Japan, and this is one of my favourite restaurants at which to do so. What I love about this place is that this chef, Masaki Miyakawa, is a real master of his craft. He uses two different types of rice and two different types of vinegar, which is very rare for sushi chefs to do. He also uses a type of brown rice that is also quite novel, while the plates and glassware are all vintage. He has antique Baccarat for sake and Japanese artists’ handmade ceramics that date back more than 200 years. It’s a special place.

Favourite dish: The sashimi. All the seafood is sourced daily from Hokkaido and Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji market.

Nahm, Bangkok
David Thompson is a British chef who is making some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had in my life at Nahm. He dives deep into ancient traditional cooking, and has really mastered it. He gives the food his own twist, but it’s not one that makes it a new style – it’s straight up Thai and true to the culture.

Favourite dish: Smoky beef curry with chili leaves.

Fäviken, in Jarpen, Sweden where Chef Magnus Nilsson serves Nordic cuisine. He only cooks during a certain time of the year, and he sources local ingredients in the wilderness.