Chef’s top tables: Niko Romito

Niko Romito is best known for Reale – a three-Michelin-star restaurant set in a 16th-century former monastery. He’s also behind three eponymous culinary concepts for the new Bulgari hotels in China and the UAE

Noma, Copenhagen

Dining at this world-renowned restaurant by chef René Redzepi is one of my best memories. I was impressed by the consistency – from the moment you walk in, right through to when you leave – all the elements come together perfectly. I like original concepts and Redzepi has created an innovative experience. He’s rewritten a new model for Northern European cuisine.

Favourite dish: Every single dish is excellent.

Pepe in Grani, Ampania

Owned and run by chef Franco Pepe, this pizzeria is situated in the old Roman town of Caiazzo, about an hour northeast of Naples. I’ve known the chef for years and he is responsible for bringing awareness to this countryside spot. When you arrive in the town, you feel isolated, and then you turn into a narrow road and suddenly see the cars queuing up outside his eatery.

Favourite dish: Any of the pizzas, they’re the arguably the best in the world.

Din Tai Fung, Hong Kong

There are a number of outlets of this restaurant chain in Hong Kong and around the world. I ate at one in a shopping mall, and I’d say it was the most delicious Chinese food I’ve ever eaten. It could accommodate about 300-400 people, and what I liked is that the concept is accessible to everyone. Everything I tried was incredible. I remember being fascinated by the speed at which the food was prepared and the delicious broths.

Favourite dish: The black truffle meat dumplings. I will never forget the taste.

Spazio, Milan

I have to say that I really enjoy eating at Spazio, a restaurant-laboratory that’s run by a group of students who graduated from my cooking school, the Niko Romito Formazione. Set on the fourth floor of the Mercato del Duomo, with views of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza del Duomo, it is a space for chefs to learn about respecting their raw materials while experimenting and sharing the culture of food. Spazio offers diners a good balance of quality fare at reasonable prices, a great setting and lots of ambience.

Favourite dish: Try any of the vegetable dishes.