A life well travelled: Philippe Starck

Travel notes of the French designer, who has turned his talent to almost everything, from chairs and toothbrushes to boats and hotels

With my wife, our life is one ever-lasting trip. We embark on a world tour just about every week for work. On Mondays, we wake up at four o’clock in the morning and leave home, only to come back at around three o’clock every Friday afternoon to pick up our daughter from school. When we travel we are efficient; we can visit up to three countries, even more, in one day.

We never travel for pleasure, nor have time to visit cities. Yet, we always meet incredible people.I was never interested in cities or countries but rather in people, who are the real inspirations in a city or a country. And that’s what interests me: learning about other people’s brains and hearts.

Italy has the best cuisine;Venice in particular, thanks to extraordinary chefs like the Alajmo brothers. Eating at their restaurant Quadri is incredible because it’s not what you think: they have three stars, but they eat, drink, and shake everything up. This is life. They are life.

I love La Co(o)rniche on the Dune du Pyla in South-West of France. It is a place where nature is at its strongest, most beautiful, most poetic, most surreal, and most powerful. My second favourite hotel is the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur California.

I am a scientist when it comes to packing, which means I travel extra light. But there are a few things I always carry with me, including my iPad Mini full of thousands of carefully selected songs, and my pencil and tracing paper pad especially produced for me in order to resist all kinds of weather. But, more importantly, cannot travel without my wife.