A life well travelled: Ali F. Mostafa

The Emirati filmmaker and producer reveals the destinations that have made an impression and offers an insight into his travel rituals


I prefer to discover a destination alone. Wandering around until I get lost delivers the best experience of a place – especially if you’ve never been there before. That said, my ideal companion is my wife, Maha. She knows me inside out and gets what I like and what I don’t.

I had a blast with my family in Thailand last year. From exploring the bustling cities, to swimming with elephants and relaxing in exclusive tropical resorts, we did it all on that trip.

I travel a lot for work. I’ve just got back from London, where I was in the studio recording sound for a commercial campaign that’s soon to released (it’s something I am very excited about).

We shot the campaign images for the TUMI Alpha Bravo collection in California. Shooting in LA is always great, as I get to have work meetings thrown in while I’m there. It’s a productive trip every time I visit, but I always make time to grab a bite to eat at The Original Farmers Market by Beverly Grove.

Whenever I travel, I pack pretty precisely, but regardless of where I’m going I pack at least one formal outfit such as a suit, as you never know what’ll happen.

My goal is to ride a motorcycle from Dubai to London for charity.
I will make it happen soon enough.

Ali F. Mostafa is the ambassador for the TUMI Alpha Bravo Spring/Summer 2018 collection.