Chef’s top tables

A style-setter in Japanese cuisine, Katsuya Uechi has restaurants around the world, including Katsuya by Starck at Dubai’s Jumeirah Al Naseem


Sushi Sho

Honolulu, Hawaii

Sushi Sho is one of the most famous sushi restaurants in Tokyo (it’s very difficult to make a reservation there and the Waikiki Beach venue is its first location outside of Japan. Chef Keiji Nakazawa makes authentic edomae-style sushi teamed with Hawaiian ingredients. Simply sit back and enjoy the conversation and skill of the chef.

Favourite dish: The menu is omakase, which means “I’ll leave it up to you”.


Daiwa Sushi

Tsukiji, Tokyo

Most people know Tsukiji market in Tokyo* and Daiwa Sushi can be found in the inner market area. It’s where the restaurant owners and employees go to eat, but it’s open to everyone. I eat there every time I visit, as the sushi is delicious, fresh and affordable. I strongly recommend you arrive before 5am otherwise you’re likely to wait in line for up to two hours.

Favourite dish: Toro (tuna), anago (sea eel), uni (sea urchin) and mackerel.


Far Western Tavern
Orcutt, California

I went a long time ago while travelling with a friend but it was unforgettable. We weren’t expecting to experience such an incredible taste, as the venue had an ordinary atmosphere and an old-school ranch menu, but it exceeded our expectations. Simple seasoning allowed us to enjoy the meat’s original taste and I still think that the steak at this restaurant is the most delicious I’ve had.

Favourite dish: The ribeye.

On my wish list…

Tetsuya’s Restaurant in Sydney. I know about chef Tetsuya Wakuda from a book a friend gave me and I am very interested in his cooking style. He makes very creative dishes based on Japanese and French techniques.