A life well travelled: Shaun Warner

The UAE-based Irish DJ-producer has tracks trending in the Middle East and across the globe. His second album Stay will be released on 15 June.

I travel regularly, and I’ve perfected little routines to help the journey run as smoothly as possible. If I’m travelling business class, the extra space means
I can spend a few hours making music. I actually really enjoy being confined in the aeroplane, as it forces me to slow down the pace. 

I’m a big believer in personal recommendations. I prefer to spend my time eating and drinking my way around a place rather than going to see the sights. I think if you eat where the locals do you’ll get a far better experience and you’ll probably meet a lot of interesting people this way too. I’ll normally search out a city’s best bars and eateries and start my trip from there.

On my last trip, I went to Auckland, Brisbane and Sydney. All three cities are like a home from home to me and I have a lot of close friends there. I spent eight years living in that part of the world and I always have a great time. Sitting in a café in Bondi watching all the barefoot, beautiful people pass by on the way to the beach is something I’ll never tire of. Brisbane is one of the world’s best foodie destinations and Auckland and its surrounds are also very nice. The people are laidback and completely genuine. 

My original trip to Australia has played a pivotal role in my life. I had planned to live and work there for a few months but that turned into eight years. I loved the place so much I decided not to keep going with the rest of my trip, and settled there and became a permanent resident. I split my time between Brisbane and Sydney and loved every minute of it. It’s there I’ve made some of my closet friends and had some of my best experiences. From skydiving over Byron Bay at sunrise to scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, the place is just one big adventure waiting to be had.

As much as I like to discover new places, Ireland is where I’m from and it keeps calling me back. Clearly, I’m biased, but it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and the people are just so nice. Although it’s a relatively small island, there’s still so much I have to discover there.

I love to travel alone, however, if I could sit beside anyone on a plane for a long journey, I’d pick Joe Rogan. He’s a comedian, UFC commentator and diverse podcaster, and I think we would have a great conversation.

The next place to tick off my list is Tokyo. And I’d also like to go to Hong Kong later in the year. These two destinations have been calling me for a while now. I’ve recently started to listen to a lot of music from the region so I’m looking forward to visiting both places and see what impact they have on my own music.