My great escapes: Lindsey Parry

Travel writer Lindsey Parry lives in Abu Dhabi with her family and charts her local discoveries and globetrotting adventures at 

1. Meeting elephants in Sri Lanka. This island nation is the most amazing place to visit and we’re lucky that it’s just a short hop from the UAE. On a recent trip we spent a day on an elephant safari, memorable for the proximity to which we were able to view these majestic creatures. 


2. Elevated views of Tibet.  In 2009, my husband and I travelled overland from Beijing to Delhi, crossing Nepal and Tibet on the way. I’d dreamed about visiting Tibet and the Potala Palace since I was little, so finally catching the first glimpse of the palace from our hotel rooftop was a sight that I’ll never forget. 


 3. Campervanning around New Zealand. In 2011, I spent five weeks travelling around New Zealand in a camper van. I don’t know many places in the world where you can find sheep grazing alongside penguins and where the penguins are so numerous that they need their own traffic sign.  


4. Seeking serenity in Kyoto. I visited the incredible Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto and although you can’t tell from this shot, the place was packed. It was a very Japanese style experience, with a compulsory trail to follow and everyone shuffling along in single file. So although it wasn’t the most serene experience of my life, it was worth it. 


5. Culture in Al Ain.  You don’t always have to venture far from home to find the most captivating sights and Al Ain has more than its fair share. This picture was taken while my mum was visiting. She’d been reading Wilfred Thesiger’s Arabian Sands and when we arrived at the beautiful Al Jahili Fort there was a Thesiger exhibition running, which was an unexpected bonus. 


6. Discovering Manila on foot. Everyone told me to bypass Manila on a trip to the Philippines but, determined to discover the city for myself, I ignored that advice and spent a couple of days wandering around on foot. I loved the colours and contrasts of everyday life. Even the most average street corner told a story.