A life well travelled: Trevor Sorbie

The British hairdresser to the stars and MBE, who lives in London with his wife Carole, shares his wanderlust

The only rituals I follow in life are to do with travel. I’m not the most confident flyer, but I consider the journey part of the holiday. I always treat myself to a luxury taxi to get me to the airport comfortably, and I like to fly business class whenever possible.

Carole and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to travelling and what we look for in a holiday. There are three main things on my checklist when choosing where to go. Firstly, I like to stay in the best hotel I can afford. Even the nicest room can start to feel a bit claustrophobic after a few days, so I tend to book suites whenever I can. We’re foodies, so having good restaurants on the doorstep is also important. Lastly, agreeable weather is a must. I’m not a sun worshipper but I gravitate towards places with guaranteed sunshine.

I prefer city breaks. They’re simply more interesting to me, due to the vast choice of restaurants and hotels.

When I landed in Las Vegas for the first time many years ago, I was overwhelmed by the decadence of the surroundings – I even got to meet David Copperfield. However, after about the 15th visit, the shine did start to wear off.

A travel experience I remember particularly clearly was taking off from Washington en route to London when a flock of geese hit the plane. The flight engineer had to check through the window for damage and we ended up doing an emergency landing, which was nerve-racking, but we were soon on our way again. 

I love Dubai and have been on holiday there eight times, so I’m really excited that my salon has now opened in The Dubai Mall. The emirate ticks all the boxes for an ideal trip: fantastic weather, amazing hotels and great restaurants. I know some people don’t like that the city is man-made, but it has captured my heart.

We’ve recently returned from a holiday to Tenerife. It’s a bit of a home-from-home for us, and there’s a fantastic hotel we stay at each time we go. Most recently, we were upgraded to a beautiful villa, which was an unexpected bonus.  

Next, I’d like to go LA. I’ve visited so many places myself that I’ve now taken on Carole’s travel bucket list as my own, and she has always wanted to go there. Luckily, I know Los Angeles well enough to be her personal guide.

The first-ever Trevor Sorbie salon in the Middle East is now open in Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall.