Chef’s top tables: Sanjay Dwivedi

A purveyor of fine Peruvian cuisine, Sanjay Dwivedi opened COYA’s latest global outpost in Monaco in May, adding to sites in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi


The Fat Duck
Bray, UK

I have known Heston Blumenthal for over 15 years and his progression has been a pleasure to watch. I worked for him before he received his first Michelin star, and whenever I’m celebrating a special occasion I always choose to dine at The Fat Duck. When I got married, after my twins were born and when we opened COYA in Mayfair in 2012, that’s where I went. The thinking behind every dish is on another level. 

Favourite dish: The bacon and egg ice cream. 


Maido by Mitsuharu

Before I opened COYA, I went to Peru for a three-week gastronomic adventure. I had the opportunity to eat at Central, Astrid & Gaston, Maido and countless other amazing restaurants. What struck me about Maido was its simplicity – nothing too fancy, courteous staff and amazing food. Chef Mitsu is very humble and wears a permanent, warm smile. His imaginative cooking left its mark.

Favourite dish: Chupe de Camarones shellfish soup. 


108 Restaurant

Last winter I had the chance to visit Copenhagen. What struck me, apart from the cold weather, was that every restaurant uses what is in season, as little grows. Celeriac and cauliflower were in every type of restaurant, from Michelin-starred to brasserie. The fermentation technique was interesting to witness and understand how different cultures adapt to their surroundings.

Favourite dish: Salt baked celeriac, hazelnuts and aged cheese. 


On my wish list…

I would love to go to Arpège by Alain Passard. Chef Alain is the pioneer when it comes to vegetables. A Frenchman with three Michelin stars, he took the bold step in 2001 to remove meat and fish from his restaurant. Vegetables have been playing a big role on my menus and Arpège set the trend.