My Great Escapes: David and Nadia Aslam

David and Nadia Aslam spent five years jetting around the world in search of adventure and are now touring Europe and beyond in their 1969 VW Adventurewagen,


Living like Vikings in Gjøvik, Norway. Between hanging out in our traditional Norwegian Hytte (cabin), we rowed a Viking ship, learnt how to throw axes, and ate homemade apple pie while playing Kubb (a traditional Norwegian game) with the local mayors.


Going green in Tulum, Mexico. Driving there from Playa del Carmen took us from built-up metropolis to the most relaxed tropical wonderland. We stayed in a treehouse hotel, went kayaking in the ocean, and ate vegan food galore. It was hard to leave. 


Exploring Zion National Park, Utah. While staying with family in San Diego we all decided, at the last minute, to pack up the car and head to Zion for a few days. Besides hiking through the incredible scenery, including Angels Landing, we drove to pink sand dunes and were hit by a sudden snow storm. It didn’t put a damper on things though, as we went sand dune sledding with the help of our trusty bodyboard. 


Driving through the French Alps. Towards the end of 2017, we bought a VW bus and decided to hit the road. Driving through the Alps pretty early into our journey, there were so many hidden gems to park up and picnic at, and it made us realise that being on a never-ending road trip is the lifestyle we’ve been looking for all along.


Family ties in Glencoe, Scotland. Trips with family are always the best and spending last summer driving around Scotland with both of our families, exploring the area where David’s family is originally from, was such a treat.


Kiteboarding in El Gouna. This is a beautiful Red Sea resort town 17 miles south of Hurghada in Egypt. It’s also a kiteboarding hub, with incredible beaches and food. When not on the water, we all hung out at the kite schools and soaked up the great community spirit.