Reasons to go back to the Creek

Rediscover the historic heart of the city thanks to the new wave of attractions and activities at Dubai Creek 

1. Boutique stays

Tucked away amid the rooftops and courtyards of a souk, Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah is just like a traditional Arabian bayt (home). Spread across several clusters of buildings, the hotel transports you to old-world Arabia with its views along the ambient alleyways of the bazaar and of the waterway, all wrapped up in authentic design details, such as woven fabrics and wooden beams. 

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Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah

2. Shatter your illusions  

For a novel, Insta-friendly museum experience, check out the mind-bending Museum of Illusions in Al Seef. It’s home to 80 quizzical exhibits, including the Alice in Wonderland-esque Ames Room, where you shrink or grow as you move through the space.

3. View a contemporary art gem

The recently-opened Jameel Arts Centre (main image), located at the tip of Al Jaddaf Waterfront, is home to curated commissions, projects and exhibitions drawn from regional and international artists. Even the gardens that punctuate the building are achingly artistic, designed by landscape architect Anouk Vogel and featuring rare plants.

4. Floating tours

Docked on the Bur Dubai side of the creek, JA Bateaux Dubai offers a fresh perspective
on the area’s vibrant souks and aged dhows. Step aboard the Sundowner Cruise (from 5-6pm) and you can take in the sights from the outdoor deck. Or, there’s the option to linger over a meal served to a classy soundtrack.